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  • Toksan is able to meet the customer needs thanks to its powerful test equipments.
  • Our company pays particular importance on R&D studies that is progressing continiously.
  • We are taking confident steps towards our future targets.
  • As Toksan, we take the necessary precautions for environmental protection.
  • Wards are rewarded to our company on each passing day by virtue of its successes in the sector.
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About Us


1985 - Founded in Istanbul by Mr. İbrahim Küçükoğlu to produce cold shaped metal sheet parts and mechanism systems parts for automobile manufacturers.

2001 - Moved to its modern facility at Bursa Nilüfer Organized Industrial Area. (With the aim of being close to Renault).

2005 - Pilot Factory at TOSB Gebze is established (The first domestic industry  that adopted and applied Japanese Production System /KANBAN) in Turkey)

2011 - R&D Center is  founded.

2012 - TOKSAN, as the stakeholder of the Global Automotive Industry, exports 55% of its products.


With its powerful R&D Personnel realizes activities such as ,
- Simultaneous management of engineering and R&D Projects,
- Target cost oriented process and product design,
- Design and process verification activities through simulation methods and prototype studies in parallel with the customer expectations basing on the awareness and discipline of automotive sector.
Gained the right to be the R&D center by virtue of this awareness and vision.